Zydeco Jed
       Roots Rock & Grateful Delta        

Welcome to Zydeco Jed, an East Coast roots rock band blending many influences including rock, jazz, cajun, country, Grateful Delta and more through original material and kind covers.

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video of Zydeco Jed at New Deal Café in
Greenbelt, MD, complete with commentary by Tommy and Nick

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Once in a while a group of musicians gets together to play music, and something special happens. Zydeco Jed is one of those situations where rock and roll meets jazz, cajun, zydeco, country and some good old fashioned Grateful Dead. The band loves all kinds of music, and most of the members have played with a Grateful Dead tribute band... in fact, many of the band mates played together in local bands such as the Next Step and On the Bus, the top Grateful Dead tribute bands in the region going back 20 years. Everyone in Zydeco Jed traces their early musical experiences to roots rock and roll, and each has a connection with much of the same music that inspired Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and the family of the Grateful Dead. But over the years, each was exposed to jazz, cajun, country, and other styles that influences their playing. It's this current blend of musical influences that is inspiring the band to write original material and pay tribute to so many styles of music, with a decided nod to the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, the Meters, Elvis Presley, and so many other great musicians. Zydeco Jed... Tom Ericsson, Mike Lessin, Chris Marsh. Michael Murphy, Nick Newlin and Tom Bollinger... we wish you good health and happiness.